Rachael Amen's

Rachael Amen is a programmes manager of Africa Wealth Initiative, a social and economic initiative that is focused on improving the livelihood of Africa's poorest people and communities by creating sustainable collaborations between Africa's smallholder farmers, consumers, and Agro-service providers using simple technology solutions.

She completed certification in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Strategic Management (SM) at the International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI) AND Health, Safety, and Environmental Management (HSE) at the International Institute of Project and Safety Management (IIPSM). Rachael ventured into Public Speaking and writing after observing her clergy father speak with great confidence and influence to persuade thousands of people to fulfil their purpose and attain Self-actualization. In 2016, she wrote and authored her first 4 books as a teenager and founded a community for teenage girls called The Ladies For the Christ Republic which was later renamed When She Roars and most recently The Golden Rays Of Africa. The community is focused on the personal and professional development of business owners, entrepreneurs, and students across the African Continent.